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Established in 1974, we continue to keep pace using state of the art technology as we help our customers accomplish the goal of efficient document scanning.

Microimaging Source Inc. provides a wide range of scanning equipment to perfectly match your business needs

Any Type of Scanner

We have scanners for whatever type of job you need, from document scanners, large-format scanners, film scanners, to specialized scanners. We have the product for you!

Support Contract

We offer both technical and maintenance support contracts with all of our scanners, to give you peace of mind and keep your business running efficiently.

Budget Friendly Pricing

With 50 years in the industry, we leverage our working relationships with top brands to get you the best price possible.

Digital transformation is a rapidly growing need in any business. Scanning your documents allows your business to digitize, organise and share information quickly and easily.

We provide the best scanning solutions for any business:

Enterprises Businesses: Our scanners provide solutions with leading edge document imaging technology, speed of paper flow, and large capacity handling perfect for any organization
Small & Home Office: Our scanners are compact, fast, and provide one-touch document imaging, perfect for the smaller organization.

Here at MSI we carry the ST Imaging ViewScan 4. Advances in computers and software allow this innovative microfilm scanner to instantly display high-resolution images, making browsing fast, clear, and easy. The ViewScan 4 can view roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, jackets, and even color slides. In addition, with its advanced hardware and all-new user-friendly software, the ViewScan 4 becomes an invaluable asset to libraries, universities, government institutions or any company that needs to retrieve information from their archival documents in digital form. 

18 Megapixel Camera: At the heart of the ViewScan 4 is a custom-designed 18 megapixel camera that is optimized for all your microfilm records.


ST Perfectview Software:New ST PerfectView Software streamlines every aspect of the research process, allowing users to browse and capture images from 16 mm or 35 mm microfilm rolls, microfiche, aperture cards and more with astounding ease.


We offer industry leading WideTEK scanners for your large format printing needs.

We have many different types of WideTEK scanners that we offer for whatever your project needs.

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Construction Plans

Need a Unique Scanner?

Let our staff here at MSI help you find the scanner that is right for your unique project. With over 40 years experience in the industry, we have knowledge and relationships with many companies that can provide unique scanner hardware for any type of project.

Flatbed Scanners: For both small scale and large format projects

Book Scanners: Digitize entire books quickly, easily, and affordably.

Art Scanners: Allowing you to digitize your own collection for sale as a print or for publication on the internet or in catalogs.


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